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Happy last Monday of summer break! Working in a school I still follow the ol' school schedule. I do work all summer, but it's a different speed. So this feels like the last week of summer to me. For those of you with kids it means that too. I am sure this week is full of a swing of emotions from excited, anxious, maybe a bit frustrated the summer has almost come to an end. This week I have a few 'back to school' type posts planned. 

I took a poll on Instagram a bit ago and the majority of you were interested in some kids clothes ideas and mom on the go ideas. In following with the 'back to school' theme, I wanted to highlight what was always my favorite part: clothes shopping.

I have a few friends, co-workers, family members who are parents to be or new parents and have been trying to impart any wisdom I have on the subject. I have spent as much if not more time on Reese's wardrobe. Carefully curating a kid-appropriate but stylish closet. Clothes were important to me even as a kid so I see no reason I cannot impart that onto Reese too ;) I thought I would pull together some of my favorite affordable places for kids clothes. I have some other retailers for more splurge items,but I think that is another post.

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H&M is known for their chic clothes at affordable prices. This is also true for baby/kids clothes. There are no shortage of adorable and basic items here. I really love how they are rocking some of the trends (overalls, big stripes) right now. This burnt orange overall I am drooling over. I could see a onesie underneath and some cute shoes. The striped sweater looks like something I would want in my size! They also have lots of sets like the polka dot tee and grey overalls. Sometimes sets are nice, because they are so easy. I also love the sleeveless onesies. Last summer I bought a couple for Reese. On the really hot days, she would be sweating bullets and I liked the option. These are also easier to layer under sweaters for fall and winter.

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I mean, who doesn't love Target? Their kid section my biggest go-to. Mostly because I am there several times a week, but also because it's fierce. Their Cat & Jack and Osh Gosh lines are so adorable it hurts sometimes. Like this olive jumpsuit? How adorable is that? I love a jumpsuit for me and Reese. Or the overall set from Osh Gosh I need to get this for fall. Just need a brown bootie and we're in business. My favorite thing about Target is their basic tees. They always have racks of basic tees, pants, and shorts for affordable prices. Ranging often from $5-$10 a piece we stock up! These are great items from daycare too so if they get dirty I don't even care, just grab another one for $5.  Plus they are super cute like this AC/DC tee. You often will see me perusing the boys section for these items too, sometimes their tees are cuter! 

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Last, but not least is Zara. I love this store so much. For all the new parents in my life I take them straight here. They by far have the coolest stuff. A little for everyone and more affordable than you'd think. Some of their fancier items, like nice dress, are upwards of $25-35 but the rest is $10-$20. They carry a wide range of tees, sweaters, sweatshirts and the cutest shoes on the market. Anything that Reese gets compliments on is always from Zara. The backpack in the photo up top? Zara. I have a strong aversion to cutesy stuff. I don't like too many ruffles, sparkles, or anything hyper girly. It's not my style and while I have a say in it, it won't be Reese's either. The jeans are some of my favorites because they look like adult jeans for kids. Not too tight or anything, but the style is so cool. I also love the option for pants like these harem pants. And don't you want that teal sweatshirt? Or the polka dots? Gah! I have some shopping to do.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite affordable retailer for kids clothes? Share in the comments below!

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