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I am always on the lookout for new beauty products. It is kind of an obsession. I don't know what it is, but I always feel like I am on the hunt for a new color or product to try. It's one of the reasons I love Influenster. I get to try out new products and give my opinion. I have definitely discovered some great products and I always get excited when it shows up. This time I got to try three new products from The Honest Company, Jessica Alba's clean conscious company has branched into beauty.

In this recent box I got to try the Everything Matte PrimerExtreme Lash Mascara, Crayon Demi-Matte Lip.   All full-size products! Love! I also have been thinking about slowly moving my make up to a cleaner product and this was a great place to start. On the website they state these have an "Honest Free Guarantee" which means "we're thoughtful about the pure, raw ingredients we use and the hundreds of harsh chemicals we don't. Our products are made without any questionable ingredients, such as parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde carriers, PEGs, MCI/MI, steareth-n, synthetic fragrances, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, petrolatum, mineral oil, SLS, SLES, sulfates and chemical sunscreens." Not a bad way to start, so let's take this one by one.

Let's start with the Everything Matte Primer. I don't typically use a primer on my face. I have prescribed more to the setting spray, but I was willing to try. It also said you can wear this alone to a fresh no makeup look. I did try that and it didn't work as well. There is not really a pigment to it, so I don't think that would work. However, I did find that it helped keep my make up in place. I had less residue on my glasses when I wore them and it seemed to stay pretty fresh-faced. I think I still prefer a setting spray overall. I tend to think I am wearing a ton of layers on my face and I don't like that. However, if this doesn't both you, this would be a good option.

Target / $21.99

Next, was the Crayon Demi-Matte Lip. I think of everything, lipsticks are what I have the most of. I was really excited to try this and I am a big fan of matte. I got the color blossom which is kind of a nude pink. It is still summer and I am always in search of the perfect nude. This is a really great color, although it looks a little more peachy on my skin tone. It goes on crazy smooth, which is always nice. You all know about the lipsticks that you feel like you are dragging across your lips. I do not like that, this is so much better. My criticism is that for even a demi-matte it has very little staying power. Every since they invented matte I just can't go back. I do some people who prefer more of a sheen and smoothness, more moisture. If that is you then this would be a great product to try.

Target / $12.99

Last is the Extreme Lash Mascara. This was probably my favorite one. I do currently have a favorite mascara that I use all the time. I have started putting mascara on my lower lashes and the one I use on my regular lashes is too voluminous, it would just look all spidery on my lower lashes. I use something else right now for that. What's great about this is the mascara has a primer as well. One side is a primer and the other is the mascara. This is perfect for my lower lashes. Especially the primer so that the mascara does not wipe off under your eye, giving you raccoon eyes. I am a big fan of this!

Target / $14.99

Annnnd the finished product!

There you have it! Have you tried Honest Beauty yet? Let me know if you do!

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